Thursday, 29 October 2015

I thought I saw a Puddy Cat ....

Hello my lovely friends and visitors, I hope your week is going well.  When I saw the poster for The Cat Lover’s Blog Hop I wanted to play along because before we got Jack Russell Terrier, we were owned by four cats over the years and we miss them all.  So today I’ve a card (yippee no tag) to share and here it is …

An A6 card 
A final look

I must apologise to Janis (Her Peaceful Garden) because this is not a great card and not the card I hoped to enter.  My fall last weekend means I wasn’t able to stamp for a while.  I am very grateful to have that hoard of images and backgrounds right now lol!  I thought I wouldn’t be able to take part so I’m very relieved to have got something created.

As I mentioned above before we acquired Eddy we were owned by cats.  We have had cats since the very beginning of our relationship and we have loved them, who have been our family over the years.  We had three cats in a two bed flat but they were happy, healthy, spoilt and well loved. 

Our first kitten was a ginger tom, Henry, I picked him from a PDSA centre in London and he came home with me to be our indoor cat.  For me it was the start of a love affair on my part with ginger tom cats, there was something so wonderful about Henry’s quirky nature that I fell in love with gingers from then on.

After Henry had been with us for about six months we acquired Ginny who we thought would be a great companion.  Worst decision ever, we had to give her to OHs mum.  Although she was much smaller than Henry she attacked him and one day we came home from work to find that she had pinned Henry down and had him by his throat and he had to have stitches. 

We decided not to take on another cat at that moment because we were worried that Henry might have been the problem and we couldn’t be sure.  However a couple of months later an obviously traumatised, hungry and frightened cat with a kitten appeared in the garden where we lived.  She was afraid of people and women in particular.  My OH was worried about her and used to feed her and the kitten and little by little he gained the trust of the mother cat.  The kitten disappeared, we looked everywhere and put up posters but she was gone.  Shortly after that the mother cat came to live with us and apart from bringing some uninvited guests with her (who were swiftly gotten rid of) Belle became a part of our lives and she and Henry were fine.  We ended up with Ginny coming back into the fold when OHs mum died a few years later.  Thankfully she had outgrown attacking other cats or kittens at that stage. 

Then we moved here.  A few months on we found out that my back problems were not going to improve.  My London GP had not referred me for treatment as he said we would move before I would see someone.  Big mistake!  It was then too late for anything to be done as I’d not had any treatment for those 6-8 months after the second car crash.  I was having a rotten day and we went into town to purchase a pick me up for me and I persuaded OH we needed that ginger kitten in the pet shop.  That was my Oscar:  he was more like a dog than a cat and he was only supposed to live for a few years as we found out a few months after we got him that he had a heart problem.  He lived until he was seven: our vet called it a miracle.  So long story short cats have and will always be a part of our story lol! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment.  I really do appreciate it and I hope you get some time to do what you love to do soon ttfn Karen x

Tools & Supplies
Stamp: La Blanche stamp #

Stencil: Stamplorations brick wall stencil

Die Cutting/Dies: Cuttlebug die cutting machine; Paper Smooches ‘Friend’ die

Miscellaneous Tools: heat gun; small cookie cutter; paint brushes; pot of water

Card Paper: 300 gsm card; snippets of stencilled card and snippets for stamping and die cutting

EP Ink/Paint/Pen Colours: Ranger Archival Jet Black IP; Pro-Markers (for the stencil); distress ink for colouring the cat; red and gold paint to colour the roses

Embellishments: Wild Orchid Crafts roses; Friendly Plastic

Adhesives/Mediums: Collall all purpose glue; foam pads; Washi tape

# VOS: very old stash and no idea if still available to purchase, min. 8 years old


Taunya Butler said...

PURRfectly PAWsome and wonderfully done - so many great details and just do much wonderful dimension!!

mandysea said...

oh my! I loved reading your kitty story! What an amazing couple you are to love your cats no matter where they came from and the issues they present. I relate to your Belle, with a similar beginning with Blackie - the gaining of trust and the heartening little breakthroughs over time. Your card is lovely - truly! Its a gorgeous 'arty' stamp and this kitty looks like its in front of a fire as warm as toast (especially with the brickwork background behind!) I hope you are doing better now.

rachel said...

what a cute kitty! Love it Karen! hugs rachel x

Rebecca Yahrling said...

Oh my gosh, when I was little, we had a cat ... a ginger tom named Henry! Isn't that funny?! He was an outdoor cat. Maybe because we always had birds??? Anyway, your card is very sweet.

Jerrie said...

Red and black are my fav colors and I love your card! The cat just takes center stage!! Love you story!!

D.Ann C said...

What a stately kitty and a terrific brick background to show him off! It's always fun to hear kitty stories. Thanks for sharing!

Karenladd said...

I am so sorry to hear that your back is giving your problems but hooray for you that you have card backgrounds waiting in the wings so you were able to join in. I love that brick pattern and that sweet sleepy kitty! I have also been enjoying the various stories of how we all came to be owned by a cat, or two, or three....or even 20!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Karen! I am so happy you had a chance to join the Cat Lovers Hop! You know I've been super excited about it! I really enjoyed reading the stories about your kitties and how they came to be with you. I know you must miss them very much.

Your card is adorable! I like the kitty stamp! The background looks beautiful and I like the word die-cut, flowers, and heart!

I hope you are feeling a bit better and that each day you see some improvement! Sending more hugs and prayers your way!

vinita jain said...

Love the brick BG with cute image! Happy fun hopping!

Lisa Lynn said...

What a great story. Sorry about your fall. Great card - glad you were able to join the hop.

ike said...

This is a lovely card with a cute kitty and that fabulous brick background.
I loved your story about your kitties - a shame you don't have any just now - I have 15 :-D
Sorry to hear about your fall and I hope you will get better quickly.
Very nice to meet you on this fabbo Hop :-D


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Hetty said...

A lovely tribute to your kitty!
One can be acat and dog lover.
Even if you don't have any (anymore,like me).

C. M. Taylor said...

I love your story and your art. All is purr-fect in a cats world. I hope you will be up and about very soon.

Janis said...

My son's first cat (when he was 4 years old) was a ginger tom named Henry, also! (Of course Henry didn't stay a tom for very long before hubby neutered him...) That must be a common name for "orange he-cats", as my son called them at the time. :)

I LOVED reading about your kitties. That has been one of the things I've enjoyed the very most about this hop. It's so heartwarming to hear the stories. I have loved being able to take the time to really soak up each project and the tales behind it. That's also what has taken me so long to work my way down the list!!! :)

Your card is terrific!!! I really love the cat image you used. Kitty looks so squinty and content. The brick background is wonderful.

I am soooooooo glad you were able to participate in the hop and I hope your back heals quickly. These things can take time... Hugs and prayers.
<3 J

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