Thursday, 29 January 2015

Believe ...

Hello my lovely friends and visitors, I hope your week is going well.  Today I want to share some words of wisdom that I recently found.  I was tempted not to post this at first but I realised these words mean a lot to me and I totally relate to them and they are why I have set up a second blog that has nothing much to do with my card art creations but is more about me and what I want to do.

It took many years to learn and practice how to stamp, colour and create projects I liked.  It also took years of practice to hone those skills enough that these days I actually like what card art I create 95% of the time. 

I want to do the artsy/paint/crafty stuff I used to enjoy at school and twenty years ago when we moved here.  However my skills are not as good as I hoped.   Then I saw a post on Tracy’s blog and I remembered this journal and quote.  It was a complete ‘doh’ moment, it fits exactly how I’m feeling right now.  It has been more than seventeen years since I doodle/sketch/draw/paint.  How dumb and presumptive am I?  I thought those skills were there ready and waiting to be used. 

So I sat down and thought about it and had a discussion with DH, he is so very supportive.  Those skills are rusty and nearly non existent, but they’ve not completely gone.  It took me years to practice and hone my card art skills.  I am going to try and do the same with my artsy/crafty skills.  When I look back at earlier projects when I first learnt to stamp I’m embarrassed and I’m hoping that I will repeat that feat here.

The moral of my waffle and my word for 2015 is BELIEVE.  I will practise drawing/doodling/painting a little every day and BELIEVE in the long run I’ll be happy with my creations and I’ll learn a lot along the way and that is why I set up a second blog.  I’ll share my mistakes and my sketches or paintings with you but I will keep on practising to improve those skills.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment.  I really appreciate it and I hope you get some time to do what you love to do this week  ttfn Karen x

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday's post is about a new blog and different techniques ...

Hello my lovely friends and visitors, I hope your week is going well.  This is my first post on my new blog!
I decided to set up a second blog to share items that I’m creating for DH, family, friends or myself.  I will still enter challenges but I want this blog to be more about my creative journey.  I want to get back to when I was more artistic and free with my sketching and colouring.  I don’t want to have to create perfect card art all the time.  That is what my Stamping in Pink blog is about and my OCD ways of creating them lol!  This blog is for me and others that may like the craftier than the perfectly stylish style. 
Today I’ve a mixed media calendar page to share.  The lovely Roni of Ink Stains Blog is sharing a weekly tutorial of ‘how to do mixed media’.  Now I’ve only just got my head around letting go of my OCD tendencies to work on my journal!  However it’s something I’ve wanted to get back to and do for a long time but I’ve been very nervous and terrified of being harshly judged lol!  Anyways here it is …

I think I was too heavy handed with the gesso, the paint and the sparkly mica!  I’m not 100% happy with the end result I’ve learnt so much doing it – so I am happy enough with my first true mixed media creation.  I know I’ll probably have another go at this lol!  Items I’ve used are listed below but a lot of it is old stash and not easy to purchase any more.  Also I’ve started dabbling with creating my own spray inks from acrylic paints – yep I’ve seriously mucky fingers the last couple of days but DH says I was smiling bigger and a lot more recently and I know I’ll keep going with it!  Hopefully not trying too much to perfect it though lol!
I don’t want to share the step by steps with you as it is very much a personal choice of what you use.  Roni has two posts on her blog, the first is here and the second here, listing the steps for you.  If you are like me and want to learn a bit more about mixed media then do go and have a look at her blog and follow or subscribe.
I will be sharing my journal on this blog as well as more calendar pages that I have created.  The next lot are a lot more in my usual comfort zone of ink, light painting and heat embossing!  I have found a monthly calendar challenge that I plan to enter every month so that I have at least two hand crafted presents for Christmas 2015!

Created Especially for me and These Challenges:
Tando Creative Colour Challenge: I used all the blue shades and the mica is a silvery brown
Unruly Paper Arts Challenge Colours and Prompt: Global Traveller (USA) I used the colours to create a winter scene and I am channelling my inner tourist and imagining the USA with all that snow! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment.  I really do appreciate it.  I hope you all like one of my new avenues and that you get some time to do what you love to do this week!  ttfn Karen x

Sheena Douglass stamp sets: Ornate Snowflakes & Highlands Silhouette
Computer and printer to download the template
Scissors; heat gun; paint brushes; paint palette; spray bottle of water; pallette knife

Card/Paper: an old cereal box cut into the arch shape – template at Roni’s blog
Colours: white gesso #; white acrylic paint #; Luna Lights watercolour paint #; Ranger Archival Green IP; Blue Glitz WOW EP
Embellishments: silver mica flakes; Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Paste: Frosty Dawn
Glues: Collall all purpose glue
Other: Versamark IP

# VOS: +5 years old