Thursday, 3 August 2017

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It’s been more than twelve years since I last used my sewing machine. Because of that I am asking you to not be too hard on me about the stitching on my first project. I know that it isn’t perfect. I am trying not to become too completely OCD about sewing and considering how long it’s been since I did sew I am happy with this first result. For my first project I wanted to create something small and easy to ease myself back in and as my lovely old pearl and bead head pinheads are dulled I figured creating a pin cushion that held a filling that sharpens the pinheads was a good bet.

My next step was to research on Pinterest and I found out that creating little triangle pin cushions with a crushed walnut shell filling was relatively easy and a good idea. I purchased the crushed walnut shells on Etsy and I purchased a pack of fat quarters fabric online. My hubby retrieved the sewing machine and some of my notions for me. I used the packaging from an old pad of watercolour paper to create my pattern because it is thick and sturdy. My triangle pattern measures 20cm tall by 23cm long, with an included 15mm seam allowance. They are easy to sew and very easy to draw a pattern. I positioned the fabric on my Fiskars A2 craft mat, then the fabric, then the pattern on top of the fabric with a heavy tin to hold it in place. I used my Fiskars rotary cutter and my Fiskars 15cm x 30cm ruler to cut the fabric. This was my first time using a rotary cutter and it cuts quickly and evenly. My hubby has had the ‘you will remove the tips of your fingertips if you don’t pay enough attention’ talk with me. As much as I abhor that idea I did enjoy using my rotary knife and I plan to use it more in future.

I have added the tutorial to another one of my pages so that it is easy to find. Once again I beg your indulgence as this is my first sewing tutorial so if I haven’t broken it down enough or if I’ve done too much of that please let me know so that I can improve next time.

I added a piece of ribbon, a bow and a button to my finished pin cushion so that it is easy to hold and looks pretty too. I plan on learning to improve my tutorials and my ladder stitching over time. I did enjoy creating this and I will create some more as I think they would make ideal weights for fabric too. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment. I really do appreciate it and I hope you get some time to do what you love to do soon ttfn Karen x

Sewing machine
Fiskars A2 cutting mat
Fiskars rotary cutter
Fiskars 15cm x 30cm ruler

Cotton fabric
Crushed walnut shells
Card to create a pattern


Lucy said...

That's the perfect start for sewing again. I know what you mean that you have to start with some small to get your confidence up. I love the little triangular pin cushion. Lucy

Cara said...

Well, I never knew that about walnut shells! This is such a fun little project x