How to create a blog, how to write your first post and more

How I made my blog!

1. Click this link: Then click ‘CREATE A BLOG’.

2. Fill in the form with your email address, your password, name that you have chose for your blog. You will then have to type the silly word on the bottom, click continue

3. Name your blog. Type the name of your blog in the ‘blog address URL’ leaving no spaces and click ‘continue’.

4. Choose a ‘template’ you like and click ‘continue’. You may want to change your template at a later date when you feel a bit more confident using Blogger. To start I recommend you keep it very simple – use the ‘Simple’ template and click ‘continue’.

5. You have your own blog!!!

First Post

A. Type a title in the title box, for example ‘Hello and welcome to my blog’.

B. Type your post telling everyone about your blog.

C. Click the ‘publish now’ button. At the top of the page you will see ‘view blog’. Click this link to see your post on your blog.

How to Post a Photograph

1. Click the ‘new post’ link; it is in the top corner of your blog page on the post screen, just above the main posting box. You will see a little icon that looks like a beach holiday scene. ‘Click’ this icon.

2. A window will open on your post. There is a ‘browse’ icon click this icon and load the photograph you want to add from your computer/lap top.

3. Click ‘upload’. If it does not upload first time you will notice a little box by the upload button to accept terms and conditions ‘click’ this first, then ‘click’ done.
our photograph will appear in the text box. You can then add text and a title and then click ‘post’.

This is all the basic that you need to get your blog up and running. 

How to add Page Tabs to your Blogs

When you log into your blog you will enter what is called the ‘Blogger home page.

You will see your blog and the Let’s Craft & Create blog.

First off you want to go to the ‘Layout’ icon for your blog only and select that.

At the side of your blog name there are three icons.

There is an ‘Orange with a pen’ icon, which is where you go to create a new post, an icon that looks like ‘Pages/Papers’ and it has a downward arrow, and there is a ‘View’ icon.

Go to the middle icon, pages/papers, press the downward icon.

A list of actions opens, you want to click on the third one: the ‘Pages’ option.

Once you have done that tick the ‘New Page’ icon.

Type or copy the text you want in there. The options are: Publish; Save; Preview; Close.

Once you are done you need to press the ‘Publish’ button.

Then you need to go to the ‘Layout’ icon, which is visible on the left hand side, third from the bottom, it look like a page with a block header, and two blocks.

You should now be able to see your Blog Layout.

You need to click on the edit option on the Pages block. This will open:
Configure Page List’. Select the order you want then press the Save that is on the Configure Page List and the ‘Save arrangement’ on your blogger page.

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